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It is very important to understand what we are doing when we borrow money, and also important to plan the best ways to borrow for a particular purpose, whether it is to buy a house, buy a car or have a new kitchen fitted.

Credit – Is it pleasure or a danger.

Well it can be either.  Whoever your lender is, bank, credit card company or whatever, might not be any worse than your local pub or bar trying to make an honest living. But there are those who keep serving drinks to customers who have already had too many.

These kind are more like your friendly drug dealer. They see someone who is down and offer “Free introductory credit” at zero percent on your credit card.
If you take it, it may make you feel fine for a while, then you need some more, and this time there is interest to pay and they have you hooked.

As your debt goes up, and the interest charges mount, you need more credit to keep going. You might go to another lender or you might be advised to Consolidate your debt at a higher rate of interest or with some other form of charges.

At some point you won’t be able or willing to pay any more. This is when your friendly lender becomes unpleasant. First will come the letter threating you, then telephone calls, and then legal proceedings to take your possesions.

This won’t happen to everyone of course, just a rough picture of what could happen in a worst case.

It is very easy though to become dependent on credit so you should be very clear in your mind about Continue reading “Credit – Learn How to Live with It – Not on It.” »