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Ask friends and relatives. The personal experiences of someone you trust is a good recommendation, but remember that friends and relatives a problem that expert on financial matters. They might have liked an advisor had received lousy advice.

Also be very, very wary of friends who are financial advisors. One of the first lessons of selling it to try to sell to your friends.

Asking a lawyer, accountant or other professional advisor. If a professional person does not know a decent financial advisor, who does? But remember there may be an element of the old boy network.

Asking at your bank. Some banks have independent financial advisors, but many are tied to one brand name. So, as with all other advisers, before you make an appointment always ask if you will get independent advice.

Looking in the Sunday and national newspapers. Make sure you look in the articles, not in the advertisements, and remember that the advisors mentioned are not necessarily the best in their field.