Need Money? Apply today.
If you do need to borrow money, here is a list of questions that you should ask all the lenders.

  •  What is the APR?
  • What is the length of the loan period?
  • Are there any penalties for making early repayments?
  • Are there any set up fees?
  • Is the rate of interest variable or fixed over the loan period?
  • Is the loan secured on your house?
  • Are there any penalties if you miss or delay in your interest payments?
  • Are there are any other charges of any kind.

Also ask yourself.

  • Why am I borrowing this money? Is it to help out with my current living costs or is it for a long-term item such as a car, a house, etc.
  •  Is my job going to be secure over the loan period?
  •  After I have borrowed this money, what is the total of all my debt?
  •  Am I able to afford the repayments on the total debt if I lose overtime or bonuses that I depend on, or if my partner loses their income?
  •  Am I borrowing the cheapest way for my purpose?
  •  Looking to the near future, am I going to have to borrow for another large item? How is this going to affect my ability to pay back the interest in the capital payments?
  • What is my plan for getting out of debt in the long-term?